Thursday, June 25, 2015

Throne Thursdays: Tyrell

Good news and great news today!  First, I am slowly chugging away on these Game of Thrones blocks.  A Christmas finish may be in sight!  Also, my husband was able to save all the information from my broken computer, found me a 5 TB backup hard drive so I have no excuse to skip backing up the computer again, and made my computer faster and better than before.  That means within the next few weeks, all my patterns will be getting fixed up and posted, either for testing or to Craftsy if already tested.

Now to balance that out with some bad news (for me, at least):  I will be taking a break from these and all other sewing projects until about mid-August.  We will be moving and sadly, my sewing machine and I will have to part ways until we have our new house.  I may get a few more PoD embroideries done in the next week, but there are no guarantees.

But tonight, I get to share a block.  Today's block is the Tyrell sigil.

Game of Thrones quilt
Tyrell sigil.

I thought this would be more difficult to piece than it was.  It was a little time-consuming because it has something like 11 sections to piece.  Only a few pieces actually needed to meet up at specific points, so there wasn't much worry about matching points.  I'm fairly happy with how it lined up in the end.  This is maybe a 3/5 for difficulty, if you're good at matching up sections.

Game of Thrones quilt
Everything lined up!

You can download the Tyrell pattern here.

Allyssa (Instagram:  @jirismama) finished up this block as well.  Here is Allyssa's block:

Game of Thrones quilt
Photo by Allyssa; used by permission.

I just had to lay out what I had completed so I could see them all together so far, and I am totally in love.  Baelish isn't in there because I cannibalized it for the green fabric in my Tyrell block, but I will be redoing that one soon.  I can't wait to see these all with black sashing and the embroidered logo on top.  Almost halfway there!

Completed blocks so far.  I am loving these fabrics together!


  1. These are amazing thank you!
    I would love to make my son a quilt to head off to college with next year.
    I have found 6 of the block patterns, was wondering where I could please find available the other 6?
    Thank you

  2. I would also love to have the complete set of patterns. Thanks in advance :-) Love your patterns!! Deborah


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