Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throne Thursdays: Lannister

It has been a very long week, spent preparing a million party supplies, dozens of goody bags, and food.  I had a temporary break with reality about a month ago and scheduled two parties for the same weekend: a Minecraft birthday party for my daughter, and a fancy tea party for my Girl Scout troop.  Quick, someone smack me upside the head!

However, I still made time for sewing, so I'm proud of myself.  I got a really fun block completed for the Project of Doom that I will share next week, and I got my Lannister block done for my husband's Game of Thrones Quilt.

Game of Thrones Quilt
The computer-generated image.

This block took me a bit longer than the rest, but mostly because it had more sections.  There were a few funny angles, but nothing outrageous.  I'd probably rate it about a 3/5 for difficulty.

Game of Thrones Quilt
My finished block!

His chin area isn't lined up perfectly, but he's got a mane so I don't think it's all that noticeable.  The colors are much more vibrant than they show here.  I get so excited when I finish a block, I get right to photodocumenting it without fixing my camera settings.  Maybe some day I will grow up and become a real blogger, but until then, it is what it is.  :)

Game of Thrones Quilt
I can't wait to see this as part of the completed quilt.

You can download the pattern here.  I will list it on Craftsy once we get a new hard drive for my computer, since the old one is toast.

I now have someone testing my Game of Thrones blocks along with me, which is super exciting!  I always enjoy seeing my patterns done up on someone else's fabric with their own special touches.  Allyssa will be stitching along with me, and I will be sharing those pictures as I receive them.  Here is the Baelish block, in a fun chevron print:

Game of Thrones Quilt
Allyssa's Baelish block.  I love the green!

I received my new, so-much-better grey fabric in the mail today, so I'm hoping to redo my Baelish block and finish up Tully this week.  Then it's on to Tyrell and Baratheon ... if I survive the weekend, of course.  Wish me luck!

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