Friday, June 5, 2015

Supernatural bullet

I think I mentioned yesterday that I had some people testing out patterns that I have drafted but not yet tested.  I feel really blessed to have them come along because I just don't have time to test all my own patterns, but I hate to see them languishing on my computer.

You might recall that a year ago some time back, I posted 16 Supernatural patterns available for testing.  Foxfire over at Needle of Sewing +3 (is that not the most amazing name for a sewing blog ever?!) has just tested out my Supernatural bullet pattern, so that one is ready to be submitted to Fandom in Stitches.  Right now she's working on the demon tablet, but that one is pretty embroidery-heavy and will probably take a while.

Here's the computer-generated image:

The computer-generated image.  It's poor quality because I had to steal it from my own pattern thanks to my computer going on strike.  :)

And here's her completed block!  I'll link up to her blog posting once it's published.  In the meantime, go check out Foxfire's Finger Paint blog ... lots of cute ideas for nail art there.  If I had any skill in painting my fingernails, I would definitely be trying some out.

Foxfire's completed block.  Photo used by permission.

This is a quick, easy pattern, and a great addition to your Supernatural quilt.  It might even be fun to make a bunch of these in a smaller size as quilt cornerstones.

You can download the pattern here for right now.  I will submit it to Fandom in Stitches and Craftsy soon.

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