Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throne Thursdays: Tully

Just one block to share today.  Best laid schemes, and all that.  :)

I managed to get Tully tested, and it went together well.  I'm working on getting Baelish redone in this grey, since I like it so much, and I'm hoping to have enough to do Arryn as well.  Here's this week's block:

Game of Thrones Quilt
House Tully.

This block makes me think of home, which becomes more important as we are now a month out from our move.  Salmon are one of those things you think of when you think of stereotypical Seattle, and this sigil makes me think of a salmon.  (It's probably not; I probably just embarrassed myself massively.  But you have to remember, I'm not the giant GoT fan in this house.)  This grey is so much better than the polka dotted silver I used on the Baelish sigil last time, and I adore this blue tonal.  I'm not sure why I had bought it, especially so much of it, but it was sitting in my stash unused.

Game of Thrones Quilt
I know it's probably not technically a salmon, but it is to me!

I'd rate this about a 2/5 for difficulty.  Easy to piece, and the sections go together fairly easily, with only a few points that have to match up.  You can download the Tully pattern here.

Allyssa (Instagram:  @jirismama) has been a busy bee, helping me test out some of these patterns!  Here's some of her work:

Game of Thrones Quilt
Game of Thrones Quilt
Game of Thrones Quilt
Some of the tested blocks!  Photos by Allyssa; used by permission.

My goals for the next two weeks are Tyrell and Baratheon.  I should actually have a lot more time after Monday once the kids are out of school, but to be honest, the PoD has been calling my name while I have this embroidery machine.  I've been pretty focused on getting a lot of that done.  I am more than a third of the way done with this quilt, though, putting me in a good spot for Christmas gift-giving!

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