Thursday, June 11, 2015

A little stitching, a little ... well, let's just say it rhymes.

Normally on a Thursday I would be sharing another Game of Thrones pattern.  Instead, we will be taking a break this week.  I will most likely have two to share next week, so there's that to look forward to.  :)

I am in the middle of planning for a Girl Scout bridging and Bronze Award ceremony on Monday, so time has been in short supply.  I was still hoping to get through my Tully block today, but I had a frustrating moment where I didn't realize I hadn't quite covered a seam in the middle of one of the sections.  Newbie moment, which is crazy frustrating when you're not a newbie.  I thought it was time to set it aside before I got too angry with it.  I'll get back to that next week when I have a spare minute.

So instead, I spent what should have been a few minutes whipping up this bad boy:

Make Beautiful Things by Urban Threads
Make beautiful things.  No, really, I highly recommend it.
It's incredibly cathartic ... when it goes well.

When I first borrowed this embroidery machine, a site that came highly recommended was Urban Threads.  I promptly bought several patterns, and I have been incredibly happy with all of them.  I just hope I have time to stitch them all up before returning this machine.  There's a dreamcatcher I want to make for the girls' new room after we move, and some lacework that is just stunning.

Of course, I was so new to embroidery when I ordered this, that I accidentally ordered a size too large for my embroidery hoop.  Thank goodness I just found that resizing software!  I started working on a different fabric when I began, but I was really struggling with the thread breaking and it took me probably an hour to get the machine all opened up, cleaned out, and the settings readjusted until it worked.  I ended up throwing out that first attempt and pulling this mottled black instead.  I'm really happy with the look of this, though.  I used thick cotton thread, and it looks just like a chalkboard.  I'm going to get a mat cut for it in either grey or seafoam and put it in my sewing room as encouragement.

You can find the pattern here, and be sure to check out their other great options throughout the site.  There's even a freebie in their freebie section!

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