Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throne Thursdays: Stark

Let me preface this by saying something that will probably horrify any hardcore Game of Thrones fans out there:  I have never read the books, and I've only seen pieces of the show in passing.  Usually as I'm passing through the living room on my way to the sewing room.

However, my husband is the consummate fan.  He is quite miffed that it is suddenly so popular, because he received endless taunting for reading it in high school.  Every year his not-so-surprise birthday gift is the previous season of GoT on DVD, since we don't have HBO, and he sits and binge-watches it as soon as he opens it.

For Christmas this year, I decided to design him a Game of Thrones quilt.  I have a (60-page long!) quilt pattern pack, with 11 sigils of the various Houses and an embroidery pattern for the logo.  The patterns are not in color, as my patterns usually are, because they are primarily two-color designs and it wasn't really necessary.  If you're interested in testing these along with me, I can send you the pack; just let me know!  I will release the individual patterns weekly as I test them, and the entire pack at the end.

This is what the final quilt will look like:

Game of Thrones quilt
Game of Thrones quilt layout.

This is what this block is supposed to look like:

Game of Thrones quilt
Computer-generated image

And this is mine:

Game of Thrones quilt
The real deal:  House Stark sigil
I can't believe I managed to get all the spots that needed to match up to do so ... without any seam ripping!  It's a sewing miracle.

I would probably rate this block about a 2.5/5 for difficulty.  There are only a few sections, and they go together quite easily, with no funny angles.  The sections are easy to stitch, mostly in a back and forth triangular pattern, and there are no tiny pieces.  The block is 10", so it is large enough for even a novice to attempt.

Game of Thrones quilt
These little daisies look like snowflakes.

I chose this white fabric from my stash because I have very little white, and the little daisies on this one reminded me of snowflakes.  I was horrified when I got to the end of this pattern and realized I was short two small pieces of white, and our local JoAnn didn't have any more.  I even tried looking all over the Internet to purchase more, to no avail.  Then I had a light bulb moment, and I thought I would ask the Doomers over on the Project of Doom Facebook page if anyone had any that I could trade for.  Within five minutes, I had several offers of help, and a lovely lady named Linda sent me plenty of the fabric so I could finish up the block without starting over.  Thank you, Linda!

Game of Thrones quilt

I really couldn't be more pleased with how this one turned out.  Hopefully the other ones go together this easily.  (I am dreading the Targaryen sigil.)  I'm going to use the quilt-as-you-go approach for the first time on this quilt, so I'll report back with my progress!  I would love to see your work if you use any of these patterns.

You can find the pattern here and on Craftsy.  Enjoy!


  1. Jessica, those blocks are amazing!! I think I have to pin this one to make sure I come back to you for patterns (once all the other fandoms have been dealt with for the family... ;) )

    1. Thank you! It was a labor of love for my husband, so he'd better appreciate it! ;) I also have a whole lot of fandom works in progress right now; it's hard to pick what to work on any given day. It's kind of our way, isn't it? :D

  2. I am like your husband in that I splurge on the entire season at once and cannot get the cellophane wrapping off fast enough. Also I think your patterns are amazing and being a paper piecer myself, I am always looking for 'different' things. I really appreciate your quilt top and absolutely cherish your free patterns. Thank you so much!

  3. Jessica, you saved the day! I needed an exchange gift for a gentleman, and all I knew about him was he is a Seahawks and GOT fan. I was minutes away from buying a trinket online, when I opened my Quilt Show email and saw your post. I had the block made in about 3 to 4 hours ( a seam ripper was involved), framed and in the mail the next Monday. You pattern was great, thanks again. Teresa

  4. How can I get the whole pattern? I really want to finish one for my brother for Christmas.

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  7. Could I still get the whole pack? Your patterns are by far the best designed for GoT. I have printed the first to begin today.


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