Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Harry Potter Project of Doom "Quilt-Behind": Week 1 and 2

Long time, no blogging!

This house has been pretty much craft-free for the last six months except a few small gifts, as we were preparing for a move to Europe.  Sadly, that has now changed to a move to South Carolina.  Dealing with all that and not taking time for sewing made for one stressed out mom!  I decided I needed to remedy that, and started blocking out some crafting time in my calendar.  It sounds really counter-intuitive to schedule quilting time like a task, but making time for my hobbies makes me so much more productive.  I'm working on my husband's Game of Thrones quilt (first block should be released tomorrow), some cross stitch projects, and several other small projects that I hope to share soon.

The incredible Jennifer Ofenstein is hosting an updated Project of Doom over at Fandom in Stitches.  It is based off her original Harry Potter bookcase quilt, but with lots of changes and lots of room for customization.  I'm looking forward to making a real showpiece for our wall.  One should always display one's unabashed geekery proudly.

Project of Doom Harry Potter Quilt
This week's progress!  Block 1 and 2.  I'm not sure why it looks so wrinkly here; it looks fine in person.  It's like the camera adds ten wrinkles to fabric.

Personally, I am calling this a "quilt-behind" instead of a "quilt-along," because obviously I am working a hair behind the curve.  I am trying not to stress over that, and I'm enjoying seeing what everyone else is doing and borrowing stealing some of their ideas (with so much appreciation!).  ;)

The last time I did the PoD, it was 2011 and it was my first foray into paper piecing.  I had maybe three fat quarter bundles from Wal*Mart, and a bunch of my mom's rejected fabric, and I was just learning to sew on my machine.  It turned out pretty good for a first-timer, but I'm glad to have the chance to redo it now with a few more skills.  I am using a combination of Jennifer's original patterns, ideas from other "Doomers" on the Facebook group, and a few of my own patterns.

Week 1's block included an updated version of the crystal ball.  I loved this version, because it is so much more round than the original.  I used a sparkly white background fabric and appliqued a dog(ish) shape in black to the center to represent the Grim, then covered it with organza.  It's hard to see it in pictures, but it's nice and shimmery.  I think I may applique some swirls over the glass ball when I go to quilt this.

Project of Doom Harry Potter Quilt
The Grim.

I also gave my mother-in-law's Brother PE-700II a good workout today.  (I am going to miss that machine when I have to return it!)  Susan over at The Bored Zombie was nice enough to share her embroidery files for her titles, and I've made several of them already.  Be sure to stop by her blog and check out her amazing progress on her Harry Potter quilt, as well as her other geeky crafts.  She is the master of trying new techniques, and she does a fantastic job sharing her successes and failures with her readers.  The Unfogging the Future embroidery file came from her.

Project of Doom Harry Potter Quilt

Project of Doom Harry Potter Quilt
Unfogging the Future.

I am thinking I might use some bleach to create a color difference or swirls in the crystal ball/moon, but I haven't made up my mind there.  I had to have an envelope for my acceptance letter, personalized with my name.  I am actually thinking that I will make a pocket on the envelope and include a printed fabric acceptance letter, but I'm going to have to practice pockets on something less important to me first, as I haven't done them very often.

Project of Doom Harry Potter Quilt
Acceptance letter, complete with owl stamp!

The little owl embroidery made a perfect stamp for the letter.  I found it in the files section of the Project of Doom Facebook group.  To the best of my knowledge, it must have been Kirsten McGrath who created it as that was the last person to update it, but if I'm wrong about that, please let me know and I'll correct it!

Project of Doom Harry Potter Quilt
Close-up of the owl stamp.

Project of Doom Harry Potter Quilt
I knew I wanted him somewhere; he's just too darn cute!

This Hoffman "Birds and Blossoms" print in purple was part of a trade for some jellybean fabric.  I don't remember who I received it from, but it fits my personality perfectly and I wanted to use it right away.  I also have some of this in turquoise showing up soon.  Might have to run a giveaway for some book spine strips of it!

Project of Doom Harry Potter Quilt
My favorite fabric so far!

I am really happy with my progress this week, and I am starting on Week 3 this weekend.  The Dark Mark and Deathly Hallows in one week; that's a lot to handle!  Let me know where you're at in your Project of Doom this week in the comments.  :D

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