Friday, January 31, 2014

Frozen Friday: Anna!

It may be late, but it's definitely Friday.  Thank God for little miracles, like making it through this week.  :)

So I guess that makes it time to introduce our next Frozen Friday pattern:  Anna!

Frozen Anna quilt blocl
The computer-generated image.

This second block in our series is also a 5" block.  I embroidered the white streak in Anna's hair with a chain stitch, as well as a couple of small nostrils.  You can embroider as much or as little as you like to add details to the pattern.  I simply free-handed it.

Frozen Anna quilt block
The real deal!

I will wait to post the pattern to Craftsy until I have officially tested the redesigned block.  If you would like to download the pattern now, however, you can find it here.

The difficulty rating on this is really based on what you find difficult.  If you find teeny tiny pieces difficult, then this would be rated at a very advanced level.  The eye pieces are the only place where that will be a real issue.  I like to sew slowly, cut my seam allowances to 1/8", and even use a ruler and pencil to extend each line to make it easier to see under my presser foot.  If small pieces don't bother you at all but angles aren't your thing, this is probably more of a mid-range pattern.  It is easily blown up to a 10" block if a larger block makes the pattern easier.

This post is a little unusual, because I totally redrafted my pattern after completing my sample.  I realized after I had stitched all the pieces together and went to assemble it that the original pattern had some itty bitty Y-seams and other strange angles.  Not very easy to paper piece.  So the sample you see here is the old, more complicated version, but the pattern is the new, simplified version.  Because of that, technically you are receiving an untested pattern.  Between the two patterns, the only pieces I changed were the eyes, so it should work out just fine.  If anyone happens to test it out, please let me know and I'd be glad to feature it here!

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