Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Christmas Reveal: My Little Pony Mini Quilt

This Christmas season, I finally decided to sponsor a child through The Christmas Fairy.  I have made personalized necklaces for children through the program in the past, but never done a full sponsorship.  We got a 6-year-old girl who liked My Little Pony, and in addition to the other gifts we bought for her, I wanted to include a handmade mini quilt that she could hang on her wall or use as a doll blanket.

Twilight Sparkle Quilt
The completed quilt.

I used liljab's pattern for Twilight Sparkle (you can find the pattern here), and at the risk of sounding conceited, I think it turned out pretty well.  What a fun and pretty easy pattern!  The colors ended up perfect for the design, even though I picked them out without writing down what I needed or looking up a picture while I was at the fabric shop.  This was totally from memory.  I think I may have watched a little too much MLP in my parenting life.

Twilight Sparkle Quilt
I quilted with loose, knotty spirals.

Twilight Sparkle Quilt
Personalized tags.
I did stitch in the ditch all around the pony, then quilted with clear monofilament thread in a loose spiral pattern to get a sort of "magical" feel.  This is Twilight Sparkle, after all.  Then I had to include a little quilted cutie mark.  It's just not a My Little Pony without one.  The backing was some purple starry night fabric (Robert Kaufman, I believe) I had bought as the backing for a Harry Potter quilt, and I had enough extra to back and bind this quilt as well.

Twilight Sparkle Quilt
Quilted cutie mark.
I am loving these little tags I can use to mark my quilts.    I ordered a bunch and I have been marking all my handmade quilts and other projects with them.  I am not one for putting a lot of information on my quilts, which I may regret in the future, but this tag serves as my signature and shows (as if my poor quilting and binding wouldn't do that well enough) that the item is handmade.

 I had so much fun shopping for our girl.  I hope we can take part in the program again next year!

Twilight Sparkle Quilt
Such a girlicious haul!

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